Thursday, May 5, 2016

Wrist Curl (Seated BowFlex)

Muscles worked: This exercise develops the front part of your forearms as well as increasing the grip strength.
Pulley position: Narrow.
Starting position:
• Sit facing the Power Rods® with your knees bent and feet flat on the bench.
• Grasp the handles with your palms facing up and rest your entire forearms on your thighs, allowing the wrists to bend above the knees .
• Raise your chest, tighten your trunk muscles and maintain a very slight arch in your lower back.
• Slowly curl your fists toward the front of your forearms.
• Slowly return to the starting position without relaxing the wrists.
Key points:
• Move slowly and keep tension in the front of the forearms at all times.
• You can perform this exercise one arm at a time to make it easier to focus and isolate the front of your forearms, or you can perform it with both arms simultaneously to save time.