Monday, May 23, 2016

Calf Raise (Smith-Machine Barbell)

Target MusclesGastrocnemius, Soleus
Starting Position:
1. Place your shoulders under the pads of a standing calf raise machine, or place a barbell across the back of your shoulders.
2. Step on to the platform or, if you are using a barbell, use a step or block. Allow your heels to hang off the edge.
3. Stand with your feet hip-width apart and pointing directly ahead.
4. Straighten your legs as you lift the selected weight clear of the rest of the stack.
The Movement:
1. Rise up on your toes as high as possible.
2. Hold the fully contracted position for a count of two; then slowly lower your heels down as far as they will go.
• Keep your legs straight throughout the movement to keep maximal emphasis on the calves and reduce the involvement of the quadriceps.
• Stretch your calves fully at the bottom of the movement - your heels should be lower than your toes.
• Do not bounce up from the bottom - keep the movement smooth and continuous.
• Keep your body straight - do not hunch.
Toes pointing out: Angling your feet outwards at 45° places more emphasis on the inner part of the calves.
Toes pointing in: Angling your feet inwards at 45° places more emphasis on the outer part of the calves.
Smith machine calf raise: Place your shoulders under the bar of a Smith machine and step on to a low platform or block with your heels hanging off the edge. Perform the calf raise as above.