Saturday, April 30, 2016

Internal Rotation (Seated BowFlex)

Muscles worked: This exercise emphasizes the front rotator cuff muscle (subscapularis).
Pulley position: Wide or narrow.
Starting position:
• Sit on the bench with one side toward the Power Rods®. Maintain good spinal alignment.
• Grasp the handle nearest you and draw the upper arm into your side, keeping your elbow bent.
• Distance yourself on the bench to eliminate slack in the cable.
• Use a light resistance. This is not a powerful movement.
• Rotate your forearm toward your abdomen, keeping your elbow by your side during the entire motion.
• Slowly return to the starting position.
Key points:
• Control the motion during the entire exercise.
• Do not rotate the spine to get additional range of motion. Try for “pure” rotation of the shoulder joint. More is not better!
• Use light resistance only. Pick a resistance that you can perform 12-15 perfect reps.