Sunday, April 10, 2016

Crunch (BowFlex)

Muscles worked: This exercise emphasizes the abdominal area including the upper and lower front abs (rectus abdominus) and the side abs (obliques).
Pulley position: None.
Starting position:
• Lie face up on the bench with feet near the Power Rods®.
• Your lower back can start out flat or in a normal arch, knees and hips are bent with your feet either on the bench, resting on the lat tower, or held in space.
• Fold your arms across your chest.
• Tighten your abs and curl only your torso, slowly moving your ribs toward your hips. Move as far as you can without moving the hips or neck.
• Slowly reverse the motion returning to the starting position, without relaxing.
Key points:
• Allow exhalation up and inhalation down, don’t exaggerate it.
• Do not lift your head/chin. Your head should follow the rib motion not lead, allowing you to maintain normal neck posture.
• Tighten your abdominals throughout the entire exercise range of motion. Do not let your abs relax until the set is over.
• MOVING SLOWLY to eliminate momentum is critical.
• This exercise will NOT spot-reduce fat!