Saturday, March 12, 2016

Shoulder Raise (Lying Front BowFlex)

Muscles worked: This exercise emphasizes the front portion of the shoulder muscles (front deltoids as well as the front part of the middle deltoids).
Pulley position: Narrow only.
Starting position:
• Sit on the bench facing the Power Rods®, knees bent and feet flat on the platform.
• Grasp the handles, with your arms straight and your palms facing down. Lie back completely so that your head is supported by the bench.
• Keep your chest up, abdominals tight and maintain a slight arch in your lower back.
• Keeping your arms straight, move them in an arc upward and then directly over your shoulders.
• Slowly return to the starting position, arms by your sides.
Optional motions:
• Bilateral movement – both arms raising at the same time.
• Unilateral movement – performing all reps with one arm before moving to the next.
• Alternating – performing one rep on one side and then the next rep on the other side.
• Simultaneously alternating – both arms moving, although in opposite directions (one raising while the other is returning).
Key points:
• Keep the chest lifted and the abdominals tightened throughout the entire motion.
• Maintain good spinal alignment.
• Do not increase the arch in your lower back while lifting your arms.