Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Bench Press (Incline Dumbbell)

Target MusclesPectoralis major (upper chest), Anterior deltoids, Triceps, Pectoralis major
Starting Position:
1. Sit on an incline bench, angled at 30-60° (the steeper the incline, the greater the stress on the upper pectorals and anterior deltoids).
2. Pick up a dumbbell in each hand and place them on your thighs.
3. Lie on the bench, at the same time bringing the dumbbells to shoulder level. Your palms should face forwards.
The Movement:
1. Press the dumbbells directly over your upper chest until your arms are fully extended. Hold for a count of two.
2. Lower the weights slowly until they are by your shoulders. You should achieve a! maximal but comfortable stretch.
3. Pause for a second before pressing them Upi agaIn.
• Press the dumbbells in a straight line, not back over your head.
• Do not set the angle of the bench too high otherwise the anterior deltoids will bel targeted and take much of the emphasis away from the chest.