Monday, September 7, 2015

I Ran to the Hills I Ran for My Life

I know a lot of people out there struggle with the fact that they are getting older, but I have a pretty good example of what getting older looks like. I would like to take anyone who is around my age and take you for a stroll back in time. This stroll back in time just so happens to coincide with an epiphany that I had today on my way back from Wal-Mart. You see one of the real "forward thinking" and "ahead of their time" bands from my teenage years has just released their 16th studio album, and to celebrate this they have turned over the Liquid Metal Station on Sirius/XM (one of those stations created for old people like me that are completely in denial) to this band.

Now of course if you have watched the video above you know that the band I am talking about is Iron Maiden. A band that in my day (when we walked 5 miles to school uphill in a snowstorm) was a sure fire way to go straight to Hell. The band that all of the amazingly cool people who used to stand out in the smoking area at school (yeah back in the days when there was a smoking area at school) and thrash their long hair around to. A band that was so ahead of their time that they had to be evil. Yes this was how I spent my teen years, and as I was listening to the "Iron Maiden Station" on the way back from Wal-Mart, I realized something. Even over a digital broadcast channel the music sounds like it is being played on an 8 track. PROBABLY BECAUSE IT IS SO OLD IT HAD 8 TRACKS!

Yeah I was forced to change the station over to Hair Nation and lick my wounds while I listened to a whole pile of other old bands that we at one time would have called "gay" before "gay" became a politically correct form of protected hate speech. I probably should have played the video for "Wasted Years" instead of "Run to the Hills" but I was worried that some of the whipper snappers out there wouldn't get the humor of the graphic if I didn't give them some form of explanation in musical format. Remember that I used to be cool once. Well ok at least remember that I had some people fooled once.