Monday, April 20, 2015

The Spring Clean Up Weekend One Ends

I live my life on a rather rigorous schedule for the sake of my own sanity, but that doesn’t mean that the rest of the world is always willing to play along. This morning for example I had to do my usual morning schedule, wake up at 1am, set up all of the morning blogs, read through G+, have some coffee, a little personal time in the bathroom, and then head to the gym. This is the first hour of every morning, and aside from my OCD going batshit crazy if I don’t do it, my day will be completely out of sorts if I don’t do this pretty much to the letter.

Enter in my friends at Comcast, because about 15 minutes into my daily routine the internet goes out. No blogging, no Netflix, no G+, and the morning has ground to an absolute halt 30 minutes into my routine. I actually should be ashamed of the fact that so much of my morning depends on the evil empire, and were I more important, they could crush me like a little bug this easily. All of the little things I needed to do to catch up on my work (hobby) require that internet signal, and here I am lost without it. Heck I even have a video I needed to get up to Youtube this morning that I can’t.

So out comes the keyboard and I am writing. I have done my bitching about Comcast now what? My brain is frozen up like that internet gateway, as I am sitting here simply letting my fingers guide me through something that makes me feel productive. I can’t even think up a good plot to get even with Comcast for this because I need to research most of the evil stuff online. What the hell did we do before Google? My brain can’t even wrap itself around that at the moment. Of course it is 1:44 in the morning, so I could go out for a walk, which I think I will do.

For those wondering, here is how the clean up went this weekend, since it was kind of what this blog was supposed to be about …