Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Democrats Have a Steven A Smith Problem

Before I even start here, I want to point out that Stephen A Smith is one of my favorite sports people out there. His honesty is exactly what I want to listen to, and as a "casual" basketball fan, he has always managed to make me excited about a sport I wasn't all that excited about most days. Later on I started listening to him as he would call in to Mark Levin and talk sports with him, and rarely politics, which was really cool too.

Now of course he has been talking politics recently and I think it really has a lot more to do with subjects that he was originally forced into, and has become more comfortable with. He's great at beating back on the "runaway slave" mentality that the left will force upon him. It took the mainstream media many decades to silence the black community and force them to line up behind the "slave masters" that they have placed in charge of speaking for them. The Al Sharpton's, the Jesse Jackson's, the NAACP etc, who have kept the black community in line, as their "official" spokes people.

The fact that Stephen A Smith is out there talking about these things is great. I talk about these things but I am white, and not very popular. It is easy to silence people like myself by calling me a racist, which doesn't exactly work on me, because I am not and you might as well call me a stalk of celery as far as I am concerned. The fact remains that the black community has been beaten down by misinformation for so long that they can trumpet ignorant statements, and wonder why they get ignored. Even some of the most intelligent people of color that I know will offhandedly call the TEA Party racist, and again they might as well call them a radish.

Please watch the video below and see why more information is always a good thing ..

Again I don't mind any community saying, "What are you going to do for me?" as long as you are listening to both sides. This was an excellent set of points, and as this video shows, at least Stephen A Smith is willing to defend his opinions.