Saturday, March 14, 2015

Do They Have a Greatest HIT Album?

One of my favorite stations on IHeartRadio is One Hit Wonder Radio. I mean the real reason we know all of these one hit wonders is clearly because the song was moderately iconic and the band wasn't. Dexys Midnight Runners are probably the most famous, since "Come on Eileen" was the biggest song of 1980, and then the 80's get equated with one hit wonders everywhere.

Below you will see a video (edited and elongated by someone who probably used this song to torture terrorists or something) by a band that recorded it in 1979, and quite frankly this wouldn't even be a hit at all if MTV hadn't decided to use it as the very first video it ever showed. YES DAMNIT, MTV USED TO PLAY VIDEOS!

Come on, anyone who made it this far, please share your favorite One and Only hit from whatever Minor League Music Icon you remember. I can play this game forever ...