Thursday, February 5, 2015

Crazy Like The Fox (Haters)

God love this Randy Quaid guy. Somehow he ended up getting himself cast in a few blockbuster movies before he fell apart. You can't really recognize him since he obviously became the Muslim version of Santa Clause, but that is the same buffoon that we all looked at in some movie here or there and wondered, "how did this clown get an acting gig?"

All kidding aside folks, but if you remember his escapades that drove him to Canada, then you probably already know that this man has given himself over to the dark side of crazy. He is shown here desperately trying to appeal to his sort of crowd. Keeping in mind that "crazy" is a subjective thing, he still has a small vein of genius left, as he goes after Rupert Murdoch. When it comes to the legion of crazy, that is one guy that they all seem to be able to rally after.

Good on you Randy!