Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Theory Behind My Epic-ness

When I watch a movie or a television series, I am always looking for the moments that I consider epic. The moment the Enterprise comes out of warp and starts levelling all of it's fire power on the Romulans, that last thumbs up gesture that the Terminator makes before he is totally encompassed in molten metal, or even as simple as when Spike is laughing just before the sun completely annihilates his existence. Things that are just plain "epic" always get me, and allow me to remember the moments forever. Well after the crying ends.

I think it really all started here, with a band names Tool, who brought "epic" to every song they made. They tried to recreate the theory of "epic" in their videos too, some hit, some missed, but the music itself always had that certain edge, like you were about to be covered in "epic" at any moment.

Video above doesn't seem to want to work? You can always click here and catch it at The Video Whacko where it originated.