Sunday, February 19, 2012

When The Take Down Comes

Paul Babeu has been one of my favorite spokesmen for what is going on in the wars along our border with Mexico. His no nonsense explanations of the various issues that effect this country with illegal immigration have been refreshing to say the least, and if I like what he says that can mean only one thing, the news media and those on the left do not. With that said, he had an obligation to himself to make sure that anything he did in his life that was questionable and could be aired as dirty laundry was aired by him first.
I'm serious when I say these things because if you are any more right of center than the left will allow then you are going to be taken apart for the silliest of things, and being gay, or having led a life of secrecy while you were in the military etc. aren't them. Being gay is perfectly fine to most conservatives. What Paul faces now isn't being gay, what he faces now is the cover up of being gay, and all the innuendo that follows it. Had we known he was gay {even if it came out the day after he won the Sheriff's car} would have made it old news, and nothing to even be talked about right now, but what is being talked about right now is the cover up.
With that simple cover up {that when you get right down to it everyone understands} comes all of the "other" cover-ups which now have the added bonus of this cover-up to give it more credibility in the eyes of those that simply want to attack the man. My prayers are with Paul Babeu today that he can weather the incoming media storm because I believe he is a good person and deserves a more respect than what he is facing in the near future from both sides of the isle.