Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Illegal NLRB Has It's Second Strike on Liberty

We are now to believe that an unelected and perceived by most to be completely illegal board is allowed to force employers to hand out phone numbers and e-mail addresses to union bosses? Does anyone think that this can go well knowing that the usual goons from the SEIU or other unions can have good intentions when they contact you to try and "convince you to join a union? I mean I have a hard time staying out of a felony when these creeps harass people outside of polling places and now I am to believe that they won't use pertinent contact information to harass me at home?
The President of the United States does NOT do anything that would allow me to believe that he is trying to create jobs and more over moves like this obviously prove that he is trying to stifle America's ability to be competitive on the world stage. With the perception that a company could be forced to give a union the tools to harass employees at will, on top of all the other over regulations that happen to companies will only send more jobs to China, like Apple has done with most of it's jobs. In my estimation this is a two fold issue at hand where it not only leaves America without employment but creates a world dominated by "bee hive" slave camps like what happens in China with all of the jobs that get sent there. Perhaps that is truly what these progressives want for us here too and this is just the means to an end.