Saturday, January 7, 2012

The 99 Again Acting Like Piles of Number 2

I've talked about this enough already, but this is the new world in which we live in. The uncivilized will hold the civilized hostage from here on out. Worse than that we have no recourse in it as well. You can thank President Obama and the rest of the Left Wing Lunatics that have encouraged the army of the thoughtless to be heard when we all know that you have the right to speak and not the right to be heard. Of course if anyone was to take a stand against the people who will simply abolish everyone else's right to speak or be heard, it will be met with the resistance of a complacent media that will explain it all away and make those that are fed up with all this lunacy look like criminals.
In all reality this is how Adolf Hitler did it, and I am not a famous musician and I am actually making the comparison. Should Obama and his crowd decide to take this to the next level in the complete socialist game then he and the government will go out and kill all of the Occupiers {Brown Shirts} and people will be so happy to be rid of them that it will be accepted despite the complete and utter lawlessness of it. Add it all together and what do you have? Bottom up, Top down oppression with all of the normal people in the middle, with the only conclusion being that nobody should try to understand these people. You should tell them straight out to shut up and make something out of themselves, instead of crying and complaining about what you insanely think is fair. Most of all don't just avoid these scumbags and hope they go away.