Monday, December 5, 2011

Welfare Fraud and The Far Left Hostage Taking

This has been a problem for a long time, and I am not just talking about the fact that people like this can get welfare. No I am talking about the fact that people like this use the liberal mentality of wealth redistribution and sympathy to hold all of us hostage.
The more people try to reign in welfare fraud and other issues around the government programs that keep people enslaved to the system, the more people cry that we are all meanie heads for trying to get rid of these programs. In turn you have people like this that will get theirs or else the truly needy won't get theirs. It's part of the demagoguery that the president uses right now, because the poor and disheveled are never expected to do with less in this country, even if it means handing out YOUR money to people that don't need it in the least. Instead we are forced to endure "eat the rich" rhetoric from the people at the top, without a single explanation to obvious fraud like this.
It's like Ben Franklin had pointed out from the get go that nobody should be made to feel comfortable in their poverty, and thus will be more likely to strive to achieve better for themselves. Aside from issues like this we are forced to watch institutional poverty that is subsidized by the government in the name of being caring. We all have known people that are from generations of welfare abuse and lack of inspiration to do better in this world. In my area we have learned that certain low income housing areas are inherited and will pass from the parents to the children, and nobody does a single thing to force anyone to go and achieve the actual American Dream. Instead we are made to believe that the failings of the few is the problem of all of society and not the society creating the problem and making it worse. Until we start instituting programs to actually get people out of poverty we will be subsidizing the criminals along with the poor, out of fear of finding out that a lot of the poor are simply the lazy.
If you don't believe me that it is horrible on both ends then check out this video of a woman with 15 children and a fiance in prison who demands that everyone pay for her and her kids. Please keep all of this in mind and watch ALL of the video below because it is several news shows on her ..
Seriously folks. Does this woman not have some responsibility here? This is just another person holding the "middle class" {that the demagogues of DC love during elections} hostage as they do whatever they want whenever they want, and demand more. I assure you that this woman has advocates with untold amounts of donated money or public funds to get what they need. You and I on the other hand have voices against such things that are simply stomped out on behalf of the people who honestly need such services. It's a sick cycle carousel to say the least.