Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tis the Season to Take Heat

I think Bob Beckel says some stupid things but I have to admit he says some pretty smart things too. His brash nature makes it so that things slip out of his mouth that others don't dare. I'm sick of Christian bashing but especially the way we are treated like we are violent. To be completely honest with you, this is based on the fact that Christians have a track record of NOT being violent. Muslims will go on a murderous rampage just for making pictures of their profits. Jews don't exactly get violent, but at the slightest feel of antisemitism {admittedly by Progressive Rabbi in general like the idiot that wrote the Tebow article} and the allegations get sillier than a Progressive slapping the race card on someone. Dare I to say that people, like Rabbi Joshua Hammerman do their best to make sure that someone {anyone} can be converted to antisemitism as do Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton do for racism, because they can't survive without selling that crap.
I happen to be the biggest supporter of Israel and the Jewish people I know personally, and this time of the year in particular it gets harder sometimes as I do see a lot of "Look at me! Look at me!" Jewish folk taking hideous shots at Christianity in the name of ratings of some sort. Hardly within the mainstream, these people still get a lot of press because they finally have ally's in the media, and other locations that would usually hate them more for being Jewish, and want to assist them in making someone {anyone} else hate them, as they do. By allowing them to hog the camera it kills two birds with one stone. It makes Christians angry and ridiculed, and it potentially creates antisemitism. It's a tough road but try to stay sane this Christmas season, and remember that the Crusades were a lot further back than anyone alive today can even remember the stories passed down from their own generations past that might have participated. We should some day be allowed to stop having to apologize for it, or at least take a moment to acknowledge what is really going on NOW!