Saturday, December 17, 2011

Nothing to See Here

The fact of the matter here is that nobody in Congress ever reads any of their bills. When a partisan hack tells another partisan hack that the bill has whatever goal they want to reach in it, that is all that matters to any of them. We have a problem here when people are paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to do a job, are given staff that have salaries totaling several hundreds of thousands of dollars, spending accounts totaling several hundreds of thousands of dollars, and then just sit back and let them flat out tell us that they don't do their jobs. Now of course in this case it wasn't so much that one partisan hack told another partisan hack that the bill would impose whatever restriction on the liberties of the rest of us that they desire, no in fact this bill was glossed over because they wanted to go home for Christmas and look like they did their jobs.
Every last piece of crap bill with thousands of pages of pork, and oppressive laws and taxes all through it that you totally hate, and cry about, and are upset that you have a Congress that would do that to you, wasn't even read before it was signed. How does that make you feel? I know they don't give a crap, so why should I? That man up there that just admitted that nobody read that 1200 page bill is never going anywhere and he knows it. There is a community in Maryland missing it's idiot but not because he is the only idiot, he represents a lot of idiots, just like every person who signed that bill. Chew on that a while and start working on getting people that are willing to do their jobs elected.