Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The More They Stay The Same

I'm not posting this because I think everyone needs to know about Democrat voter fraud, no I am posting this to catalogue it. You see there are still a lot of knuckleheads that bring up Florida during the Bush / Gore election and they are closed minded to the fact that every news source on the planet rechecked every ballot and proclaimed that Bush did indeed win. They lie without any moral clarity about how Republicans commit vote fraud and the reason why is simple. Democrats commit vote fraud.

No I am not saying elections should be overturned or anyone should go to jail here, I am simply pointing out a fact and I am keeping a record of it here so that it can be used later when they think we've forgotten and can't back up our claims. I've been surrounded by progressive vote stealing Democrats up here in the Northeast my whole life and I have learned to keep tabs on what games they play. When you throw in all the Black Panther crap in Philadelphia, that will never be properly prosecuted {because they will need to use that card again} and the denial of all of the Freedom of Information that Obama and his people have committed you have all kinds of evidence of what evil looks like. I won't submit to what they say about others until they accept who they are.