Sunday, December 18, 2011

I Support Lowe's and so Should You

Here we go again. People with signs trying to intimidate people. Now in the case of the Tea Party organizations the news media was all up in arms about how they were terrorists, but in the case of anyone trying to harass people or get in the way of basic freedoms in this country, not so much. Let's get something straight right now, but people have the right to advertise or not advertise anywhere they want to, but I want you all to have the real story here without all of the progressive catch phrases like "racism" and "bigotry" interfering with your judgement.
In an interview with Rusty Humphries {listen here} I heard Walid Shoebat explain in no uncertain terms that the problem with shows like All American Muslim, is that it doesn't tell you the whole story. The Imam involved in that show and many of the people speak in double speak by nature, and if you don't speak Arabic you will never know what they are really on about. This isn't even going into the ties to horrible human rights violators and terrorist regimes that he has. It was a fascinating interview and another point of view not being explained in all of this.
Regardless of how you feel about Lowe's decision to pull their ad campaigns, if these characters that occupy and protest everything have their way, they will be dictating who, what and where you will be advertising as well as who what and where you will not be. Capitalism usually interferes with the fascist ideals of these people, and your freedom to choose who and who not to associate with for WHATEVER reason is at stake. I don't exactly see anyone standing in protest of the way women and non believers are treated by the "Religion of Peace" and Sharia law but of course that would be racist.