Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Christmas Tree vs The Holiday Tree

This is a serious issue in the world today. To be offended by something as simple as a Christmas Tree makes you an asshole. No more, no less and I have been pointing this out for years. More to the point here is my problem with hard left atheists who pretend to be offended by religion or worse yet actually are offended by religion. In it's own way it IS a religion to hate religion.
Think about it this way, but if you are a normal person who isn't agenda driven by hate, you see something you don't believe in and you laugh it off as something silly. Some people believe in aliens and others don't. Some people believe in ghosts and others don't. Some people believe in Santa Claus some don't. In the end nobody gets into huge fights and involve the legal system to deal with these things. The same should be true for religious beliefs and holidays. I happen to have no problem poking fun at my own religion as well as any of the other ones that I just don't think are as valid as my own. Atheists should have no problem just walking away from something they think is silly and they just don't which puts them more on par with militant religions like Islam that want fundamental destruction of all other beliefs. It's just not sane to call it the lack of religion when it acts like a militant religion.
On the topic of changing the Christmas Tree to the "Holiday Tree" I have to say that there is a reverse ideology involved here. As sad as it sounds I have no problem with a community calling a Christmas tree a Holiday tree in the same vein that I won't accept someone telling me to call it what they call it. The "Holiday Tree" is an actual assault on the people that the trees were named after "Christians." I don't play the game, because I celebrate Christmas, so I wish everyone a Merry Christmas, including my Jewish and Muslim friends even though I know they don't celebrate it. They have always accepted it as "Jeremy sharing HIS holiday wishes with them" and when they wish me good tidings on their holidays I smile and thank them. Those that get offended by this aren't my friends anyway, because I just don't have time for people that get offended by something that is a part of me. With all that is actually bad in the world we all don't have time to make an issue over what holidays someone celebrates or the names of the objects involved. Nobody is committing a hate crime on you because you have to look at a Christmas light or hear someone say "Merry Christmas," and it just demonstrates how spoiled people are when that is the worst thing that happens to them.