Thursday, December 1, 2011

And Now a Lesson In Ridicule

Well here we go again. I just got done posting a video from the DNC trashing Mitt Romney and talking about how they don't even care that they lay off Mitt Romney anymore because it is a foregone conclusion in their mind that he is going to win. My thoughts that they were holding back on Mitt so they could slaughter him in the general, now leads me to believe perhaps I was wrong on that one. Maybe the Democrats believe that Newt would be the easiest to defeat and have decided to get Romney out. I personally think that both Newt and Mitt would be easier to beat than the rest of the GOP field even if there may be no chance that Obama can beat anyone without cheating.
Here I am again forced to go to someone I don't exactly support {Ron Paul} for a good video demonstrating my point. While on that subject despite the fact that Ron Paul is a flaming whack job when he talks about Iran, he would actually be harder to beat than the two before mentioned. You see the problem is meaning what you say all the time, and both Mitt and Newt are patently untrustworthy in what they say. They hold their fingers up and decided what way the wind is blowing and then the squishy GOP crowd says that is ok and it means things that it isn't. What it actually means is that Mitt and Newt actually ARE the smartest people in the rooms they enter, and sometimes that means they can pull a Jedi mind trick on you. To the squishie GOP crowd that is far too easy anyway,
Now a lot of people would read this and tell me that I am not as smart as the cheerleaders for the GOP and hell I can't even spell half my words right so they could be correct, but here is a fact that is undisputed. The power of the progressive is in their ability to tease. They can tease someone for their core beliefs and it gets old a lot quicker than you think. It's why Sarah Palin keeps going on as she does. People get sick of the piling on because she believes in something. What will never get old is teasing someone for what they have failed at, and have a hard time admitting. That is the gift that keeps on giving. So when you start thinking that a Michelle Bachmann or a Rick Santorum don't stand a chance because they are extreme or whacky or whatever, keep this in mind. You aren't calling them these things because of what they have done, you are calling them these things because you disagree with them or hate their honesty. You won't have that problem with Mitt or Newt. They'll change based on the audience, and that is the type of whacky crap that has legs when you are ridiculing someone.