Thursday, December 8, 2011

American Constantinople

Now don't get me wrong. I like Rick Perry and I enjoy his will to go out swinging as the values candidate in the presidential race. It's a tricky stand that will probably not end all that well. Polling low in New Hampshire and Iowa, he needs to really kick it into gear for South Carolina and Florida where he stands a better chance. I don't say this as a political insider or an egghead that completely war rooms this crap, but as a lifelong on and off resident of New Hampshire, I assure you this sells with me, but not the rest of this state. As a matter of fact the Perry commercials running here make me smile and that tells me right off that they don't make most of the people likely to vote for a Rick Perry smile around here.
I've written about NH politics and theory enough in my years and as I always say, we are like Rome or more to the point like the true end of Rome in the Byzantine era, as the Ottoman's finally tore down the walls of Constantinople. The state government here is so large and underfunded that it has been difficult even for the enemy invaders from Massachusetts that flood this state yearly after they realized they destroyed their own state. They come here swearing off the big tent liberalism they lived under there, but they bring their own stupid ideas with them, and pollute the water here all the same. We have a lot of Massachusetts Catholics that preach values and vote against them at every opportunity. In the end they pretend to believe in everything Perry stands for in this ad and then walk into a polling booth and vote for everything but Perry's values. You can't explain it easily and they are all completely in denial about it. It's not your fault if you believe in it either, it's almost as bad as the spin coming out of DC on socialism.
Now I'm not sure why Perry and his people are wasting their money here with these ads but I am keeping my fingers crossed on another phenomenon that is happening here but most likely won't pan out. Usually when there is an incumbent or unchallenged Democrat, all of the Democrats go and try to overthrow the GOP nomination. It's how the McCain's and Buchannan's end up winning here. You see {my biggest gripe} is that NH should not have the first in the nation primary because anyone can just walk in switch registrations, vote and then change their registration on the way out the door. It keeps the actual party members from picking their own candidates and the progressives love the undue influence over the elections. This almost bit Al Gore in the ass as Bill Bradley almost beat him when all the Democrats went to vote for McCain over Bush, and I was starting to think that we were heading for that again here. The problem is there is such a large "Draft Hillary" campaign going on that even the Obama supporters {real believers} are spending a lot of Op Ed time trying to convince voters to get out and vote for Obama because they can't handle the shame of losing a write in. Don't laugh too hard, it's just a part of the politics in a state that fixes the elections and the news cycle for everyone else, and you really need to be here to understand what buses of voters just "showing up" look like to understand how horribly rigged this system is.
I wish Perry all the luck in the world and I hope his campaign can survive the two states that will never vote for him but seem to be allowed to set the stage for everyone else. I don't know how these ads sell in Iowa, but I hope he is spending more money on them in states that will receive them better, like South Carolina and Florida. We're holding the line up here in the last state that would appear conservative in the northeast. Just don't expect a miracle.