Thursday, November 17, 2011

You Can't Fight the Education Machine

After the vote that overturned the law in Ohio to reign in public sector unions I thought it would be a good idea to show you all what the union money went to fight. This is the institutionalized ideals of the teachers unions. You see I personally have a lot of teachers in my family. They all are basically good people and the camp is split on how important labor unions are in the whole scheme of things. Some have the rah rah attitude that the union is their friend and others have the belief that the union institutionalizes mediocrity. I personally have the belief that I will not be held hostage by the theory of the "good teacher" while the same organization {the unions} fight equally as hard on behalf of the "bad teacher" as they do on the "good teacher." The "good teacher" is irrelevant and themselves being held hostage by the "bad teachers" that you see above and all over the public sector.
You need to think about these things in terms of what the world looks like today. We have a problem with Islamic extremist because the "non extremist" Muslims are out there. Of course you rarely see them speaking out against them, and if cornered on the issue they will make a bland disinfected statement about how the "extremists" don't speak for them. In reality they DO speak for them because their voices are loud and clear and their action speak louder than their words. The "non extremists" Muslims remain silent either out of fear, or a secret approval of what the extremists do, but in either case they are now irrelevant in the discussion because they are neither the voice of the movement or the cure. This is how the teaching community works, and it is equally fear of the union getting even with them, or the fact that they are complicit in what the union will do.
In the end we all still don't have much say on what goes on ion the schools. Teachers don't go through a vetting process and then they are handed a classroom full of children to mold. Some are good at what they do, others are really bad at what they do. In any regards the teachers union will defend the ones that need defending and bargain out the contracts of those that don't at the exact same rate as the squeeky wheels causing all the noise. I am no longer held hostage by the "good teachers" that remain silent on the bad ones. I will never again watch the type of insanity that went on in the Wisconsin State Capital, and then cheerfully be happy that it is over and send the same gang of thugs and criminals back to teach the children and think it's all gotten better. The teachers that will tell me that they have every right to do this and "they aren't like that" {and this includes close family members} hold no sway over my opinions anymore, until crap like this gets solved in a swift and sensible manner. I'm not holding my breath I can tell you that.