Saturday, November 12, 2011

This is What Democracy Looks Like

What? No human megaphone? This is what "Direct Democracy" looks like folks. You start off with assuming that one man one vote is the way to go and in the end you find out that what you really do is vote for an angry mob, or the demagogue that controls the angry mob, and then you have new laws that are created behind closed doors. Here you can see the "simple" rules as they apply to sexual assault at that wonderful Occupy movement in Portland Oregon. What was once thought of as a crime {sexual assault} has now become a "privacy issue" and those that got to vote behind the scenes determined this to be true. This is how strongmen and warlords start, by silencing and humiliating the weakest among us. If there is no weakest among us, then you create a weakest among us.
Let's just throw out the things that have been explained to me over say the last forty years, through educators and the likes who went to the same types of colleges as these characters. Let's forget that sexual assault is a humiliating experience and that the perpetrators rely on the shame to keep those they assault silent. Let's forget that we have been told over the decades that the way to stop these things is to stand up for the people that have been assaulted. No let's get in tune with the "democracy" of the angry mob and keep these things quiet, because as we all know it is about the "integrity" of the angry mob. THIS IS WHAT DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE!