Thursday, November 10, 2011

Random Acts of Journalism

I'm actually at a loss for words here. CBS News in Atlanta actually went out and got a private investigator, who runs software to detect whether someone is lying or not to run an analysis of Herman Cain and Sharon Bialek, and managed to get the results that my own eyes had been telling me all along. I'm just not used to mainstream news backing up my own common sense, so it is rather hard to know what to say. Now of course don't just run with this in either direction, because those that want to hate on Cain will believe what they will and those of us that love Cain will go down with the ship either way. I am just really impressed watching this newscast from a legitimate CBS news affiliate in a very left leaning market, not only do a good story defending Herman Cain, but as you can see on the faces of those doing the story, they are very happy with themselves for doing it. I'm very happy with them for doing it and wanted to give them a kudos on it.