Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New York Saves the Occupy Movement

As you can see above, the New York City Police Department was finally given the green light to go clear out the Occupy Wall Street people from Zuccotti park. Fliers were passed out telling the protesters that they can come back after the park is cleared but they will no longer be able to camp out with temporary structures. This is probably the best thing to have happened to them all though since the entire movement is going downhill fast, the more information comes out about what is actually going on, and who actually supports this movement. With the removal right before the weather gets way too cold for anyone to actually be able to maintain this little tent city, the radicals can now regroup and blame the the police for it. We'll see what becomes of them or if they actually hibernate for the winter, but the Occupy movement wasn't getting anywhere at this point anyway. Don't be surprised if this movement doesn't lay low and let the news media work on their poor image for a while before they resurface.

NYPD Clears Out Zuccotti Park: MyFoxNY.com