Monday, November 28, 2011

Like Lemmings to a Cliff so Goes the GOP

This is one of the few times that a DNC approved ad will be prominently displayed on one of the Whacko blogs, but I want to point out some things here. The Teflon Candidate up there is the worst kept secret up north here, where we have been forced to watch his ever changing rhetoric for a decade or more. Since he ran for senate against John F Kerry he has been a disinfected GOP candidate that could win in a liberal state, nothing more, nothing less. Despite the fact that he was chased out of his job as governor and left the state a lot worse than he found it, he has become the darling of the GOP elite and an untouched commodity in the news cycle.
Now of course the fact that the news leaves him alone is because they are holding back all of the goodies above that a progressive like Obama can use to tease him into irrelevance, but also because they know the GOP establishment would never back a real conservative that would halt and reverse the DC machine. No the fact of the matter is anyone who doesn't think Romney is merely in this because he believes it is his turn to play with the DC behemoth and not actually fix it, is a flat out liar at this point. What should scare you all as this ad starts being thrown around the internet is that even the DNC has realized that the primary process is just a formality at this point because after the rigged New Hampshire primary {you can simply walk into a NH polling place and choose a ballot, and with nobody for the Democrats to vote for how do you think that will go?} he should just ride a wave to the nomination. Then they can start the whole process of talking about his lack of achievements and worse than that "actual" achievements in Massachusetts. Not to mention the fact that he has never had an issue or a talking point he couldn't change based on his environment.
Like lemmings to a cliff, so goes the GOP ...