Sunday, November 6, 2011

Getting Hit by a Car is Always a Possibility When Blocking Traffic

The Occupiers all across the country are starting to get more brash in the way they deal with the public at large and it is up to the news media to shed the best possible light. We have had documented instances of parents using their own children to block doorways and as this gets further along they will continue to block streets. Without creation of discomfort to the populace at large they are easy to ignore. They WILL get more aggressive towards the liberty of the common person the longer this goes on and the more they realize that the 1% as they call them are not bothered in the least by what they do. They will continue to punish the people caught between the lowest common denominator and those that can remove themselves from it. Don't expect this to get any better, unless you are talking about the poor media coverage of all these anarchists and communists in the streets.
Here you can see below the pathetic reactions of the Oakland Occupiers after there were protesters BLOCKING THE STREET that were hit by a car. You can't rationalize an argument against a radical set of anarchists, because they will always create their own narrative.