Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Genius Does it Again

Here we go again. If the smartest president in the history of presidents is going to speak publicly about other nations he needs a protocol specialist who he will actually listen to. The news media wouldn't have put up with this crap from the last president {and he was a gaffe a minute} and they just ignore it now. For those who don't get it, England is a part of Great Britain with Scotland and Wales, and it should have been the British Embassy. Even when the dolt tried to correct himself because he obviously has a staffer that he pays attention to waving at him or something, he then went to UK, which does include Great Britain but also includes Northern Ireland. These things sound trivial but it is not, when you are slighting another sovereign nation you are  showing the ignorance on behalf of YOUR entire nation. Of course we are talking about a man that blames and apologizes for America at every stop, so who knows he might be doing it on purpose. What a genius.