Friday, November 11, 2011

The College Mob and Our Bleak Future

Here you are watching the only person who may make Penn State a worthy and viable University again someday. I say this with a heavy heart as I have been a Joe Paterno fan over the years, but today he is stained with a serious set of allegations that need to be thoughtfully weeded through before his legacy can be touted again. Nothing will ever eliminate his actual accomplishments as the football coach of Penn State, but while the allegations of child sexual abuse are running wild throughout the state and the world, the students of Penn State need to step back, before they ruin themselves forever.
Now let's keep in mind I hold nothing but animosity for the average college student these days. They rack up huge economic burdens for a future. Some will have a great future filled with economic security thanks to the investment they made in themselves and many others will have a very bleak future filled with economic hardship because they amassed a huge debt with no reward other than the "college experience," which we are seeing now as many of the students of the world take to the streets to complain about THEIR poor decision making skills. Destroying the town because the head football coach of your school was fired is bad enough, but as more information is revealed we may find out that the school found out much more was involved than what we are hearing.
With a hat tip to Mark Madden {who originally broke the scandal to begin with} and The Blaze {which has been following the story} there are other "rumors" floating around that the young boys who were victimized by Jerry Sandusky might have actually been "pimped out" by the football program to wealthy donors, and a quid pro quo was in place to get the coach to retire instead of be sent to prison. You need to think about things like this before you trash a town over the decision to fire a football coach. Of course the problem here is the same as it is in many Occupy locations throughout the country. The nameless and faceless masses of the mob have no room for logic or apologies. Just think of how the young boys that were abused feel right now seeing the angry mob out there destroying everything on behalf of a system that destroyed their young lives? We all need to do something about the college problem in this country, and that young man in the Tony Dorsett Jersey deserves a medal, not a lashing by the mob.