Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Against and For

God I love Catholics as I do just about everyone out there. I have some strongly conservative Catholic friends and I have some very liberal ones. In the end I like the message that Catholics have when they speak out on abortion, but I don't take them seriously. I know I can make a lot of people upset by saying that, but there really is no difference between the average Catholic and a basketball player after he gets a basket. Some chest thump and some don't, but in the grand scheme of things they don't really effect any meaningful change. In other words, Obama lied to you because you deserved it.
Why would I be so blatant in saying this? That's a fair question, but I have years of begging Catholics as a whole to simply put their money where their mouths are and they never do. The support candidates that lie to them about their abortion stances at best, but more often than not are completely honest with them about their abortion stances. If you take the great state of Massachusetts as a really good example, there is a Catholic majority there of around 60% and nobody ever gets elected there that is in any way shape or form Pro-Life. As a matter of fact they are inevitably candidates that spread lies and demonization of anyone that happens to be Pro-Life, and nothing is EVER going to change that. You saw this in the Healtcare take over by Obama and the Democrats over the last couple of years as well. Almost every Catholic representative was completely on board with a program that was going to not only support abortion but finally pay for it out of the government treasury.
I'll lose friends over this but enough is enough. Sit down and shut up already, because the average Catholic voter is swayed by the stupidest things and I can't defend it any more. I couldn't defend the idiotic things George W Bush did at the end of his presidency, and I can't defend the chest thumping of Catholics anymore. Yeah you got screwed and you didn't just deserve it, you begged for it. I'm sorry but the truth hurts. Do something about it instead of whining about it after you caused the problem.