Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The 99% Look Like Kooks Because of the Kooks

I'm going to let the 99% in on a little secret here. I'm not worried that I am helping them out because they don't listen and they don't think about what they do. You see there are psychopaths like this freak up above in every crowd. You can't continue to support incivility and call yourselves a non violent protest. While the news media talks up how violent the Tea Party is, they have almost no proof of it. The reasoning being that the Tea Party in and of itself doesn't want this type of garbage going on at it's get togethers. Even on the rare occasion that a freak like this gets out there and places themselves into a Tea Party event, they can't get much footage on it because other Tea Partiers will en mass show up and tell them that they are not welcome, and the media always has to edit these parts out. Occupiers secretly feel as angry and intolerant as this guy up above, or their true laziness takes over and they just don't get involved. The longer this thing goes the more footage of the bad apples will come forward and you just can't hide it all.