Thursday, October 6, 2011

The True American Left: Anti-Semitism on Parade

Why do left wing whackos always deteriorate into complete and utter anti-Semite malcontents? I mean it always happens, and we have an “uneducated” educated in this country that simply spread the belief that Hitler was a “right wing” person. In all reality he was a fascist left statist, but by European standards he was more right than say a communist. Billions of dollars a year has been spent educating these morons and in the end they stand in Wall Street blaming Jews and banks for what a failed and overpriced University system did to them. Starting with this type of indoctrination disguised as education.

I want you to take note of a few things here. When the mainstream media desperately seeks out “racists” to smear Tea Party events, not only do they rarely find them, but you always find them surrounded by actual Tea Party members trying to shut them down and get them out of there. They are usually plants and nobody appreciates their rhetoric. As you see antiemetic morons all throughout Occupy Wall Street, you never really see anyone trying to stop their rhetoric. They are just left to recruit more, and they always do, because it is always part of the left’s message and they are never far removed from any sort of class envy or Marxism in general.

After you have read this {shared it, liked it, followed the blog etc .. thank you btw} I want you to go to the original Youtube page for that video, and then see the seven or eight pages of hate that “our friends” on the left have for Jews, and then tell me why the left always gets a pass on this? If they ever eliminate the Jews for whatever reason they always seem to want to, they will simply find another bogeyman and start working on them, so don’t blame me if you are in that group!