Friday, October 21, 2011

Thousands of Bad Apples Spoil the Whole Bunch

I have to give Tea Party Activist, Rick Amato credit for walking into what most would think is a hostile environment and ask the question I would ask. I also have to level with you here, but despite some animosity towards the question of whether or not there are socialists in the movement, left completely wholly unanswered, there was a level of respect for him. I think he might have made a few people there think as well. I have a different tract in the way I behave and who I support and do not support, based on the company they keep, and perhaps it is to my detriment, but then again it is part of being a free thinker as well.
For example, I do happen to like Ron Paul, but a large enough plank of the company he keeps is completely unacceptable to me. I do not believe that Ron Paul is an anti-Semite but at the same time I think there is a certain amount of his crowd that is and he avoids the issue beyond not funding Israel. On the surface what he is saying is sound as the way he says it, BUT that large antisemitic crowd drowns it out. I happen to be for the funding of Israel merely as an ally in the region, but to have that discussion with certain factions of the de-fund Israel crowd will bring the conversation to the "Zionist Masters in the Banking System" crap that a lot of them degenerate into. Paul could of course end my discord on him and his followers by me, by simply giving me the sound bite denouncing this. He doesn't and the standard line of "He doesn't have to answer to all of his supporters thinking" doesn't carry water because then I don't have to take him seriously. Equal rights on the same situation.
Above you will notice that there was some discord on what was said by Amato, but at the same time there was no violence, and actual people in the movement that defended his right to say it, along with an amicable exit. I would like to add that this probably has a lot more to do with the area in which he spoke. San Diego is a lot more down to earth as a community than say Atlanta where John Lewis was set to speak and was silenced. { see that video here } You can basically see this in the way that there isn't all that droning chant along with what everyone says. Of course I am casting stones, but I say this as a person who has used that Atlanta video to turn people that didn't really care about all this into the "God these people are messed up" column, and perhaps with this video above I might turn some people to the "Hey these people don't seem all that bad" column. In either regards the people that hate me for making note of Occupy or Ron Paul probably haven't read this far and are ready to retaliate against me already. You never know.
In the end I am dead set against any movement that has such sickening goals stated by the official website { see my take on that here } and many would say that there is no "official" website. This of course is pure fallacy because this movement is as grass roots as the artificial grass they laid down in the Astrodome. The movement was plotted by SEIU and documented by many credible sources, so I won't list the particular ones I like. It has sought to co-opt anyone and everyone that hasn't taken the time to look into any of it, and as shown above, many of them are decent people that are most likely duped. Hell the far left is even trying to merge an actual grass roots movement that they still call "astroturf" and "teabaggers" into it. This is how things work with the far left in this country. The old bait and switch and deceive the useful idiots, so you won't see me hanging out with a bunch of nare do wells and claiming to be "different from them" because it's an old story about rotten apples in a bunch of good ones, just like Rick Amato so eloquently demonstrated. Kudos to him.