Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Propaganda Wing: Nobody Speaks Ill of the Despot

This is where we are at folks. Hank Williams Jr. makes a perfectly legitimate analogy about Barack Obama and John Boehner playing golf being like Adolf Hitler and Benjamin Netanyahu playing golf, and it erupts into the scandal of the century. He’s now been removed from Monday Night Football, and pretty quick too! There is a concerted effort out there to install a certain level of “thought policing” and it should scare you, especially considering that he NEVER called anyone Hitler in this video. What I am doing personally is telling people that the Democrats are furious that their president was being compared to Benjamin Netanyahu because technically with the Democrat’s track record on Israel in MY lifetime, Hitler could be the DNC chair.

How this effects you is pretty important too because, it again is a symbolic gesture of what will happen to YOU if you step out of line and the hypocrisy of it all. Bush was CALLED Hitler often. All over the news, by famous people, all over Hollywood, and people might have complained about it, but nobody lost a job. The sensitivity police are on full alert though to get anyone speaking ill of a Democrat, because the propaganda wing of the progressive left, knows full well how important it is to control the news flow, and the discussion. Don’t let this happen! Be prepared at every turn to take it to the progressives, be polite, and just remind them at every tune that this is wrong in a Republic, but perfectly acceptable in a Dictatorship.