Sunday, October 9, 2011

The New Progressive Plantation

Here you can listen to the new generation of "Slave Master" the "Civil Rights Agitator" marginalizing a black man who came from a poor family, and seems to think he is living the American Dream. Technically from everything I heard out of Martin Luther King Jr. leads me tio believe that Herman Cain or even Barack Obama is his dream, that he gave his life for, and unfortunately it was replaced for the Al Sharptons and Jesse Jacksons of the world that sell racism as their own income source. They are the crabs at the bottom of the bucket trying to drag Herman Cain or any other black man who wanders off the plantation, back in.
On that note I would like to slam my fist on the desk and make another point here as well. As I make my noise about MSNBC and what a racist progressive organization it is, you will see that they brought in Reverend Al to host one of it's shows. I am willing to say out loud, that this was not done out of merit. The man is a buffoon and I am not even going to tap into all the amazingly stupid things he has said since he has had that show, but I will say if you are a black person who has worked yourself up to where you are MSNBC said that you don't matter. This is not only racism, since they relied heavily on a race salesman to take over that job, but they are depending heavily on him to continue marginalizing black America, so that nobody escapes that new plantation that he and his kind leave you trapped on. This is why I don't apologize to black Americans for the truth that I speak. Thanks to the European model of Feudalism I have more slave blood in me than the President of the United States ever has, and I got over it, unlike the moderators of the new slavery like Al Sharpton.
To Be Fair: I will admit that I am one of those "white people" that are fully behind Herman Cain, but I am far from rich. I am a wanna be writer who cleans toilets for a living and again I like my life, so I think the left still hates me.