Friday, October 14, 2011

The More Things "Change" the More They Stay the Same

This is becoming a really sad ordeal for conservatives all around. The establishment is pretty happy to let Romney walk away with the GOP nomination simply because things like this will fit perfectly into the progressive playbook. The average person backing Romney doesn't like conservatives and/or already knows they are voting for anyone under the donkey's ass. You'll simply sit back and watch Obama tease Romney about how he loved his healthcare so much he replicated it, Romney says something stuffy, conservatives sit home because they once again are sick of the lack of choices and the humiliation of having to claim another GW Bush. I personally can't stand the mealy mouth Republicrats like Romney that are just waiting it out in relative safety of nothing new or real. I don't need to embellish how bad of a governor Romney was because either you already know it or you don't care. Welcome to the sick Cycle Carousel kids, I can only hope it breaks down soon.