Saturday, October 22, 2011

Marching With Communists for Fun and Numbers

Again I remind you that there are many countries out there where you can live as a communist, and they all would welcome comrades into the fold. As these communists march in solidarity at the Occupy Chicago rally, you have to ask yourself, "Is this what you want to be associated with?" In reality it is what you are associated with. These people are welcomed with open arms into every Occupy This and Occupy That along with the anti-Semites, the anti-capitalists and a whole bevy of anti groups out there. As a non-progressive I find that it is telling to those of us that pay attention and I see at best a feigned shock from those that throw in with these people when the ends justify the means.
Now there is no reason that a communist wouldn't find this whole movement to be a wonderful vehicle for their wants and desires. In the end when you remove capitalism from a Democratic Republic you are in turn forced to have some sort of authoritarian socialism, despotism, or fascism that remains. This is why you see the Islamic group CAIR involved in Wall Street protests, and why you see the Khalifa (Caliphate) organizations embracing any of the Occupy movements. They all have goals that would require first the "fundamental transformation" of America. You see because it is constituted there is a little too much freedom going on, and the bottom of the spectrum has had the freedom to get involved in loans that they can't pay back, and the top of the spectrum has had too much freedom to hand out money to their cronies. The rest of us are stuck dealing with the communists, despots and fascists that exploit these things. Hold strong and remember to hold their feet to the fire if they are just parroting the Whitehouse approved news media. "If communism is the end result of all of this, is it ok with you?" should be answered by every one of the "occupied"ers that you know. Just so when it happens you can tell them they've used up all their crying credits.