Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Klanman Cometh to Occupy Whatever

When David Duke, the man credited with bringing the Klu Klux Klan back from the dead when he was the Grand Wizard, speaks on behalf of you, and your kind you need to be scared. I happen to be against Occupy Wall Street because their logic isn't sound. They go after the banks who have been regulated into the corner that they are in by Washington DC and I still subscribe to an antiquated way of thinking that says, "If the banks are doing good then we all are doing good," which is OK to disagree with. I am fine with that. David Duke up there subscribes to a different theory of, "The Jews did it," and more and more that sentiment has been growing in the Occupy movements.
Now of course when he ran for Congress as a Republican the Democrats immediately linked him to all Republicans and allowed it to be the entire narrative for anything anyone in the GOP tried to say or do. The people of Louisiana foisted this guy on all of us by actually electing him to congress, and forever the legend of the Klanman Republican was created. I would remind the people down on the streets that this is just another faction of the lowest common denominator taking up signs and joining YOU in what you are trying to accomplish. Despite the fact that I don't identify myself with the corrupts and mostly progressive GOP, I still know what it is like to be branded with this sort of filth from the days when I did. I'm sure the mainstream media won't talk about this racists nutjob and the fact that he is now tied to Occupy whatever right now, but when they are told to turn on them by the Whitehouse, this little piece will re-materialize, so be prepared for it. It all tends to speak for itself.