Monday, October 17, 2011

Just Blaming Jews like a Good Liberal

I'll make this easy on everyone who is sitting around watching this in shock. I have said for a long time that Adolf Hitler {there goes my ESPN job} could be the leader of the DNC. In my lifetime every Democratic president we have had has been completely Anti-Israel if not outright antisemitic. Jimmy Carter for example is so Anti-Israel that he wrote an entire book of lies about Israel and their struggle to survive on their homeland. You can read a review of it here { Palestine Peace not Apartheid } but trust me when it is hard to tell the difference between misguided ideologue and flat out antisemitism in Jimmy Carter's words.
Then of course you have Bill Clinton who was so Anti-Israel that he sent James Carville and Paul Begala out to Israel to actually run the Ahud Barack campaign to get Benjamin Netanyahu out of office. Barack at the time was weaker on Israeli security and Clinton had hoped that he would give in to more Palestinian demands, which he did just that. In the end Barack was forced to beef up security as it became completely obvious that Palestinians wanted nothing to do with peace while Jews even existed. Not once did any of this register to anyone on the left and Israel was forced to lean further right with the election of Ariel Sharon to stop the bleeding that this whole ordeal caused Israel.
Now we have the worst thing that ever happened to Israel in office in the face of Barack Obama. He has undermined the safety and security of Israel at every chance he gets. His antisemitism is so apparent that he can't even control his own mouth, is what we are led to believe but as most of us who pays attention knows, he reads the crap he spews about 1967 borders right off the teleprompter. It's because those he surrounds himself with are just as antisemitic as him. This spills over in "his gang" of protesters that are spilling into the streets all across this country with their AstroTurf class envy antisemitic movements. Don't fool yourselves though, because like the Muslims in the middle east the liberals of America simply ignore history. Israel was there over a millennium before Islam even existed, and antisemitism has existed in every left wing fascistic, socialistic, communist or despot takeover of any free people.