Monday, October 31, 2011

How's The Weather Out There?

This is old news about a completely relevant character in everything that is going on these days. Meet Larry Grathwohl who infiltrated the Weather Underground. That organization that was very much a part of the history of Bill Ayers, who has had ties to Barack Obama, and although it has been rebuked by news sources like the New York Times and CNN, it is a well established fact that these two have been involved with each other. How this pertains to what is going on now is more important and I am willing to let the Obama - Ayers connection slide, because his connection to Occupy Wall street and various other movements right now is very important. You see before you start talking about how "it doesn't matter" you need to see where this guy comes from and what a movement to other throw capitalism actually looks like. Aside from the American Revolution there has been almost no other revolution that has provided freedom or self governance. I'm sure someone could pick out a questionable one here and there, but in Cuba, Venezuela, Russia, France, China, Vietnam, North Korea, Cambodia, and many more places around the world, what was listed above, and approved by many of the people pulling the strings in the "Occupy" movements is the actual norm. This just proves that they know it.
On another side note you have Bill Ayer's wife Bernadine Dohrn who was right along side Bill in the Weather Underground. She now spends a good amount of her time in Code Pink which denounces war but props up organizations like Hamas. She was a major organizer in the "Flotilla" group which seeks to cause unrest for Israel, in the name of a unified Theocracy throughout the Middle East. The end game most likely to unite the world in some sort of despotism that can be united under one rule governance at a later time. You have to note throughout all of this that at no time do any of the organizers promote things that give more freedom or liberty. Their uses of words like "Democracy" are almost always geared towards a "mob rule" mentality that will always corrupt the system and create despotism. Even Russia held two elections before the Soviet Union was formed, and it is important to note that even under those rules the Bolsheviks never one either. They just took it all, just like you can see people like this doing in the end too. As Larry Grathwohl had said above, it will only require about 25 million people being killed to do.
There is hope as I see the masses arming themselves in greater number each and every year. People like this {the intellectual elite being churned out by American Universities} never have to deal within the confines of their own radical rules. They blow something up and then there is a trial where the left wing attorneys of the world can get a certain number of them off the hook. The left wing media will work on creating a new image for them, while the left wing Universities will give them jobs and call them academics. This is the fate of the "civil" society as they deal with radicals, but don't forget that these people aren't the strong among us. As the spoiled rotten that fill the streets to Occupy this and Occupy that are finding out, as they get punched back, many of them have a glass jaw. The bottom feeders are already starting to prey on themselves as they inevitably do if they are left to fester among themselves. You will begin to see many of them start to realize that "peaceful revolution" isn't as easy as it seems as they eat their own, and perhaps they will start falling into non-peaceful events, as the Weathermen had hoped for all along. The Weathermen found out back then that America won't put up with it, and then they were forced to infiltrate government as they have, but to what avail?
The bottom up isn't intersecting with the top down quick enough and it might take a bit longer to collapse the system with a not-so hardy bunch of radicals leading the charge. Many think that if these people start infringing on rights beyond those which have rules in place as to how they have to deal with radicals {government & corporations for example} then they could be in for a big surprise. Many of the people that they seek to bully are only being bullied because they are law abiding citizens, and they are letting the law abide with these other citizens. These citizens have only been bullied by these people because the very same government they seek to "bring down" has appeased them for so long. I don't think any of these people out there in the streets could handle the "actual majority" when their hands get untied and they are dealing with people that are defending their rights to self preservation and property. For all their screaming about corporations not being people, that have been damn lucky that they are not. People don't put up with the crap of radicals. Especially when the ends look like what Larry was talking about.