Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hate Always Gets in the Way of the Twisting

You notice how much effort it takes these two clowns to basically spend whatever time necessary to chastise the Tea Party and trump up the Occupy Wall Street protests. They start off trying to equate the two as the same and then basically go back to their route ugliness about the Tea Party and even pointing out that they were named after a "Gay Sex Act." This is the face of liberalism in this country, and it requires that you don't pay attention. You need to not notice that the protesters in Wall Street and elsewhere don't even really know why they are there. You have to ignore all of the arrests because they aren't just protesting, they are blocking streets and bridges. You have to ignore that in most of these cities they are chanting like mind numb robots, just to reach the conclusion that these people have.
It takes a heavy level of ignorance to be bent around by progressives like these two. First you have to accept that what they say is true and then you have to accept all of the bending and twisting until you accept that it was a perfectly fine route to get to the conclusions they reach. This was a mighty fine example of "off the cuff" and "on the fly" indoctrination, and I feel sorry for those that fall for it. Even the things that the Tea Party and the Occupy Wall Street crowd has in common it should very easily be negated by these clowns that speak on behalf of it.