Monday, October 24, 2011

The Ever Expanding Progressive Slave State

I can't tell you enough how worried it makes me that Obama throws out these trial balloons to see how the Mexican community reacts to "jokes" about despotism. I'm singling out Mexicans because it happens to be the group that he can make dictator jokes and get a strong and enthusiastic reaction to these things. This video above was taken while he was speaking to La Raza and as is usually the case he is met with thunderous applause and a chant of "Yes You Can" after the phrase of "Sometimes I wish I could be a Dictator."
Of course these things have been done since the beginning of time. We joke about something to see how seriously someone else will take it, and Captain Teleprompter up there does NOTHING on his own. His speeches are scripted to the last vowel, and if he did write any of it himself it is the same ends to the same means. He wants to gauge the reactions of whomever he is speaking to so that his handlers and himself can then "push" the rhetoric to the next level. Now mind you as these videos were making the rounds over the summer we were all treated to apologists telling us that it was all a joke. I of course had asked the question I always do, "If he wasn't joking is it ok?" and aside from some of my more militant liberal friends who came right out and said "Yes" most people said no, or refused to answer the question, which is a Yes with the longing to pretend they didn't.
Now we are at the next "push" as Obama, thankful for all the "useful idiots" that defend what he says no matter what or secretly support what he says, is preparing to use regulation and administration to get his last bill executed without congressional approval. He has failed so bad in his last attempts to "spend" us out of recession {which means that really isn't the goal} and he can't get the support of a Democrat controlled Senate, still reeling from the consequences of super majority for the first two years of the Obama administration. Now keep in mind that the very things that Occupy Whatever is out there crying about are the very things that Obama plans to force through, with the Federal Housing Finance Agency, more Fannie and Freddy loans, more control over the loans that are out there through refinancing, and even easier student loans which are 100% under the control of Fannie and Freddy now. {source Reuters}
Facts are facts. Fannie and Freddy caused a large majority of the financial crisis we are in now, and the largest portion left over was caused by legislation that Democrats forced through and controlled over the years to make banks loan to people that couldn't afford loans. Bundling and all of that crap you hear about was simply a means to an ends so that banks could find ways to recover losses by these bad loans. The bad loans of course inflated the value of everything because there were too many people out there with means to buy things they couldn't afford. Capitalism works as was demonstrated by the prices going through the roof as more people had demand for the things being sold, but as these radical progressive assholes in charge and on the fringe had proven, it works in reverse too as they collapsed the system with regulations that forced people into it. We need to figure out a way to stop this bleeding from the progressives trying to bring down the system by using the system, but I sometimes fear we are too late. Don't let us go out in silence. Keep asking the questions of those that tell you that you are crazy, "If what I say is true does it matter to you?"