Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The End of America - Made Possible by a Grant from The Tides Foundation

I'd like to thank Naked Emperor News for getting to the bottom of what is usually just an obvious unspoken conclusion. The usual cast of characters are almost always involved in whatever civil unrest goes on in this country. Those that act shocked when George Soros, Code Pink, Michael Moore, or the Tides Foundation are behind radicals movements, funding unrest, or simply touting things that would destroy America really need to grow up. In the end George Soros makes a fortune every time he collapses an economy, so that makes sense. Code Pink is always behind anything that would allow evil to consume those that just want right to survive, and it doesn't really make sense, but at least you know what they do. The Tides Foundation is the overwhelming face of progressive change, and Michael Moore is the overwhelming face of class envy. This isn't going to be good folks, and we all need to just stand strong against it, but for the love of God, as hard as it is don't get violent against it. These people are waiting for the photo ops.