Monday, October 3, 2011

Education in America: The Slow Decline by Numbers

Ever wonder what gives with education these days? Seriously folks, there is a definite disconnect with the educational establishments and the real world. Take the clown from the days of rage above, as an example. He graduated from Carleton College for about $42,942 a year [$171,768 for 4 years], and studies law at George Washington University for a whopping $70,449 a year [$211347 potentially for 3 years]. Now as he was screaming about his parents losing their home [source:] his parents owed less than one year of this tuition and the home was only worth fractionally more than the total of all of his tuition. When the parents were contacted to confirm these things it appears that they feel they are getting their money’s worth on his education, and he proclaims himself a “Bolivian Socialist.”

Now of course nobody in the progressive class that dominates both education and the media, since it was a plank of the Communist Manifesto, will blame insane higher education costs on his parent’s malaise, but I will. You see they still make more than $100,000 a year between the two of them and had their taxes paid. Poor financial skills might have a lot to do with their problem and as Robert up there explained, they had Master’s degrees to spare between them. Looks like their education might have been a rip-off too? Worse yet their education makes them .. wait for it .. wait for it .. Educators themselves! Seriously folks do you see the viscous cycle in all of this? In the end we have to wonder what all they are being taught in these schools to begin with.

Well here’s an interesting case in point about the educational establishment. Take the study by the Center For Equal Opportunity {CEO} on University of Wisconsin-Madison, that basically concluded “The odds ratio favoring black law school applicants over similarly qualified white applicants was 61 to 1” [source:] Instead of addressing any of these issues students of the university released a Facebook inspired flash mob on the press conference at the Doubletree Hotel in Madison. Now of course the debate could have started, and the facts could have been disputed but instead, the hotel was stormed and the participants had to be escorted out by a private entrance while employees of the hotel were assaulted. What inspired this was the university's vice provost for diversity, Damon A. Williams, telling students, "CEO has one mission and one mission only: dismantle the gains that were achieved by the civil rights movement," which doesn’t exactly constitute education if you ask me. All this for an average of $7318 a year in-state, $14,620 out of state, which by a lot of colleges standards is pretty cheap!

Now keep in mind that Madison Wisconsin is often cited at the hotbed where Progressivism was formed, and the university had a lot to do with it. It also happens to be the site where teachers unions and other unions assaulted the city causing millions of dollars in damage and leaving the place a mess. This was caused by the governor of the state trying to rein in the insane spending of that school system. To do this he and the legislature had to take away the collective bargaining rights of the teachers for anything that wasn’t salary related, and force them to pay for a small portion of their benefits. As Barack Obama had made so perfectly clear, they won and they get to govern. Elections have consequences, but none as large as a mob of angry snarling teachers illegally taking sick days to go destroy the capital in protest. In the end I loved pointing out to everyone that these people that destroyed Madison will be in charge of “teaching” children afterwards. How lovely huh?

This growing problem with who educates, for how much, and racial issues started the Obama administration off with a bang too.. The Ivy League will assure you a certain status but the prices don’t pan out all that great either. We all remember the wonderful scene that Henry Louis Gates Jr. made when a police were looking into a possible break in at his house. The scene was completely escalated by his reverse racist ranting, and later it even prompted the president to call out the Cambridge Police Department as “acting stupidly” even though he admitted he knew nothing about it. That made two Harvard educators that proved they didn’t know when to shut up. To show the mismatched era in which we live in, you need to understand that Skip Gates, a preeminent educator of African descent, was just a small cog in a whole string of educational ignorance here. It was a white cop being berated by a well educated Harvard professor, in a town with a black Chief of Police and Black Mayor at the time, in a state with a Black Governor, and then being berated nationally by a Black president! All this education in one location and it was all chalked up to racism and a beer summit.

There are times when I wonder aloud and I am willing to take my hits for being called a racist, but perhaps there are two reasons why education and diversity are so locked together in solidarity. Seriously think about this, but these people keep minorities as angry as they can, so it is easier to keep them indoctrinated to hate America, then you surround the non minorities with them. By keeping your roles full with a higher percentage of minorities than is actually representative of the percentage that there actually are in society as a whole you are forced to take a lower scoring set of students into your school. Professors simply whip them up when they need to, so that they can create chaos at a moment’s notice, and it’s ok to relax the rules in the name of diversity. Perhaps there is a good chance that a lot of these educational facilities appreciate having people with lower SAT scores, so that they will blame everyone other than the University for their overwhelming debt and poor education? I know it sounds evil to say something like that but it makes some strange sense. Look at that lying jerk in that video at the top of this blog post. Everything down to his cheap theatrics and making sure that every camera in town is on him, to his spelling of his name to make sure they know who he is screams “Overly Educated Idiot.”