Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Daylight Come and Harry Wants to Take a Nap

As I am always saying in my other writings over on WriteWingWhacko, to deal with a progressive means you have to speak their language. It's sometimes too easy to taunt and tease your adversary, but that is the language of a progressive so we must learn to deal with them the same way. It's a tired old strategy but follows a simple theorem for these people. If it is a conservative black man you have to apply an "Uncle Tom" strategy and question their intelligence. If it is a conservative woman you have to apply a "Nuts and Sluts" strategy and question their intelligence. If it is a conservative white man then the formulation is simple as you apply the "Racist" tag to everything they say. Then you have the most important taunt a progressive uses on a conservative, "Old and Tired," which has worked on just about every conservative ideal in the mind of a progressive. Above all else get off the facts and fight these things out in the arena of name calling if you are a progressive. For most of my lifetime people like Harry Belafonte have used a small amount of misguided success to use these principals on others, and most of us have gotten sick of it.
Don't ever underestimate a conservative either, as we have had our own taunts of "Lazy" or "Misinformed" or even "Unorganized" which don't always work considering the fact that when it comes to organizing chaos, nobody beats a progressive. Now Harry up there has had a large audience since Herman Cain came along. The criminally treasonous media out there has been working away at any credibility that Herman Cain has because of that old adage of "Fear of a Black Republican" or even worse a reasonably conservative one. The media avoids black conservatives like Alan Keyes, Thomas Sowell, Star Parker or even Clarence Thomas in favor of "misinformed" safe blacks like Harry there. This allows them to get the viewpoint that Herman Cain is a “bad apple,” a “false Negro” and as someone who was “denied intelligence” and “denied a view of history” when he is on a left wing zealot's show.
Well Harry, welcome to the real world where you are now an old fool who can't even stay awake long enough to do an interview. I'm sure you'll stay awake long enough to blast some other black conservative when you have the chance. I'm sure there are a lot more sources to trump you up as something more than a man who sang the "Banana Boat Song" and has a very skewed view of history yourself, but I am here to report that you are human, and in a lot of cases, just as human as the rest of us, albeit a bit disingenuous.