Thursday, October 13, 2011

Crazy Like a Fox - Victoria Jackson?

I have to level with you all, but I can't stand Victoria Jackson. She reminds me of Stephen Colbert, only I usually think that she isn't pretending. Another problem is that she often ends up producing a gem like this. Sure later on down the road she will do something that embarrasses conservatives again, but here she simply demonstrates the lunacy of the people down at Occupy Wall Street by letting them feel superior to her. Just ask a question and sit back and let the people keep explaining what they think in a haze of moral and intellectual superiority.
Of course what scares me and an awful lot of other people is the way these people think, and the thoughtless ways they maintain. When these people are given unfettered access to a microphone they don't have an off switch. They either have no end game for their anti-capitalist ways or they have no honesty, and Victoria seems to have a way of getting this out of them. Watch the way she brings up Van Jones or Saul Alinsky and they don't know who these people are? They seem to know everything these two preached. Watch the way she brings up socialism and Marxism and these people tend to embrace it, and why shouldn't they? They feel that they are the smarties here and as they talk down they forget that they are talking up to a camera. Again she sounds like an idiot, but while she allows these progressives to tease and taunt her they feel so comfortable that the truth comes out of their mouths.