Saturday, October 1, 2011

Boston's Days of Rage at Least Gets SOME Coverage

Don’t fear, people of Boston! While our friends here at WHDH get the story straight, or at least their version of straight, there will be NO settling of facts. No you see they will allow the same tired but spun out of control rhetoric that the demagogue in the Whitehouse uses. They will let people say things like 1% of the population controls 50% of the wealth, despite the fact that it takes the top 10% of the population to make up 45.8% of the income in America. At the same time these “rich” individuals pay 68.9% of the taxes. This is the “unfairness” that these people speak of and they want the percentages to change. They want these people to make less AND pay more taxes in an already lopsided affair as it is.

Now think of it this way, but those in the top 10% in 2008 {the last year the IRS makes this info available} were making the huge sum of $113,799 a year. That ain’t millionaires and billionaires kids. If you want to bulk this whole lie up to the 25% you are talking about everyone making $67,280 a year or more, and a whopping 86.34% of the income taxes, yet only a paltry 67.38% of the income. This seems so mismatched and strange but around 50% of America pays NO income taxes whatsoever, and that has to be balanced on the backs of the “rich” even if what these people consider as rich isn’t exactly. Never let their lies and spin get in the way of a good lie and spin.

For this article I relied heavily on this source, and I appreciate it!